Wednesday, February 07, 2001

"Kodak moment" why does everyone think it's absolutly adorable that I'm going to formal with Andres? And how many people have mentioned we should go out? I don't know anymore. I got lost about 2 weeks ago in all this. We've gotton so many comments (as well as i've gotton, ASK HIM OUT, he's got ASK HER OUT) so on, you're cute, blah, blah, blah. ::mumbles:: WHY ME? HUMPH! otherwise, i can barely understand any French lately and so good bye for next year! Okay, so i'm gonna do a couple weeks, then prolly drop it. Big deal, whatever. I'm not gonna get too technical though i think i already did. ::wrinkles nose:: okies.

Sunday, January 14, 2001

Oh my God. I actually asked someone to formal. Um, now what do i do. EEEKK! i've never done that before. And of course, he had to go to something over at one of my friend's house too. Last night. man. i felt akward for a while, but he's so easy to talk to. which makes my life easier. and of course David's all 'go talk to your boyfriend" and we're not going out (the guy i asked to formal i mean). It drove me nuts all night. Tickle fests are fun and annoying all at the same time i stayed out of the couple there were last night. mwuhaha. ::evil grin:: hehehe. enough randomness.

Friday, January 05, 2001

Okay, so FL was fun when we went to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. There was practically no line for anything. it was cool. My two youngest cousins mananged to catch the flu adn give it to everyone. I just didn't eat for about 2 days. I hate puking. jantzen, the 4 year old, was cute about it. he went "I think i'm going to be sick now" and my uncle had to run him to a nearby bush. How little kids can make that cute, i don't know.and then he said i was his girlfriend. It was cute, and hey, he's only 4. well, my grandmother nearly had a cow when she thought we were going to be late to church. it was funny and down right annoying since i really did not want to go. she has something to where she HAS to be there every single time there's service, unless you're sick, and contagious. otherwise, you have to be at church. i don't know about that, she's just that way. anyway. I'm back at home. yeah! i missed my babies, otherwise know as my instruments (two violins and a euphonium) and my dog. i felt better after being able to practice. Woo!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Woo, Florida is soooo much fun. ::gags:; my cousins are yelling right behind me. they range from 4 years old to 12 years old. the 12 year olds the quietest right now. the 4 and 6 year old have been a constant headache so far. all that yelling. i haven't had this bad a headache in years. this one's lasted for 5 days so far. i caught a cold as soon as i got down here. not sure why, but mixed with screaming kids, i haven't really had peace and quiet since about noon. i slept, for once. i've had to get up most every morning otherwise. being dragged to church tonight (don't usually go on Weds.) so we decided to spend the day at my Uncles. My mom, her 3 sisters and my grandmother went to lunch, with poor me stuck with the cousins, oldest girl and very annoyed. thankfully, they're playing a game and they're only yelling and not bugging me. and my uncle and dad are here so i don't have to deal with 6 cousins alone. eeee, we're gonna eat lunch, and it's nearly 3. hmm, maybe later i can get on.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Gah! leaving for Florida tomorrow and i don't know if i'll be able to be random. Maybe, it depends on if i can get on my Uncle's computer. that and i'm really not in the mood to spend time with my immediate family right now. I need to get out more. OO, that paper was really annoying to write so i just turned in something random that has no real point at this moment. maybe it came out good i don't know. I'll find out after break. hehehe. La. Rach is being random, as usual. gotta love IM's. Eep. OOO, more DGate! YEAH!

Sunday, December 17, 2000

Erg, Rach and I are a bit mad at a game called DGate right now. I don't really want a wipe which would suck, since i like my character and i hate the training grounds.

Anyway, I'm having a really hard time writing a paper, which is due Wednesday. I have an Intro, but i have no clue what else to write. It's annoying the heck outta me! Maybe i should just play DGate some more.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

eeeeeeee, fun new toy!