Friday, January 05, 2001

Okay, so FL was fun when we went to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. There was practically no line for anything. it was cool. My two youngest cousins mananged to catch the flu adn give it to everyone. I just didn't eat for about 2 days. I hate puking. jantzen, the 4 year old, was cute about it. he went "I think i'm going to be sick now" and my uncle had to run him to a nearby bush. How little kids can make that cute, i don't know.and then he said i was his girlfriend. It was cute, and hey, he's only 4. well, my grandmother nearly had a cow when she thought we were going to be late to church. it was funny and down right annoying since i really did not want to go. she has something to where she HAS to be there every single time there's service, unless you're sick, and contagious. otherwise, you have to be at church. i don't know about that, she's just that way. anyway. I'm back at home. yeah! i missed my babies, otherwise know as my instruments (two violins and a euphonium) and my dog. i felt better after being able to practice. Woo!!